In the Dark of the Sun

In the Dark of the Sun

The floor crept into the shadows and humanity held onto the splinters.

Planes carved rocket fuel into the pulse of a single heartbeat crushed against the ribcage of a child clutching a picture of bright blue smoke trails.

There are no reasons.
Nothing to justify the hours between moonset and sunrise.
No coincidence, fate, karma, or kismet.
There are no cosmic lovers. No destiny. No heroes.

There is only the breath between bleeding.

There is only desire and collision.
Frantic grasping and the slow leak of time.
There is only the concrete rain.
No Atlantis or Utopia or Shangri-la.
There is no ever after.

This is all we have.
Anonymous faces and sinister strangers.
Those of us left standing after shipwreck.
After the crash of day lilies and dragons.

Who do we believe in when the sun is in eclipse?


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