Unexpect the expected. Unryhme the riddle.
Spin the bottle across the piano, listen to the melody, and kiss the cacophony.
Preach to me about promise and spell out forgiveness in pansies.
Plant a garden of prospects.
Pretend you grew out of rhinestones and bloomed into opals.

The sand is not shifting; it dances simply through your footsteps, rearranging the path to astound you.

The ground billows out, a rippling cotton sheet to catch you amid prayers and petitions.
Life is a giant peach waiting to drip subtle onto your tongue.
It colors snippets of petals and pastes them to your pillow.
They grace your cheek silken while you slumber.

Down the avenue, cotton candy shadows dance with the transient rivers.
The ghosts inherit abandoned buildings.
They wander the blocks and surrender to the swirling world.
Their fingers pluck longing from our sleep.

They do not forget.


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