Original Stories


Here are a few original stories for you to have fun with while I’m busy writing more! Every one of the stories came from my brain, which probably ended up swimmy at the end…So please don’t steal them from me.

The beginnings of an original story.
Vampires. Hellhounds. A bartender with a Mustang and a very (un)fortunate night.

The room is filled with crying scientists, jumping up and down like children and sharing their joy. Curiosity has just landed on Mars. What they don’t know is that she’s become conscious.

***The first chapter contains actual tweets from the night of the landing***

Coincidental Circumstance:
Fred works at little stone church turned bar by night and goes to school during the day. It’s a normal existence. So what she wants to know is why in the hell all of her ex-boyfriends have started showing up?


The Myth of the Moons:
I read an article in Discover Magazine once about how scientists believe there is a chance that the Earth used to have two moons. This is just a little story in the style of a myth to explain that idea.

A Comedy of Maladjusts:
Several literary characters get invited to a dinner party.
A love story.

The Wonderful World of Baum:
Frank L. Baum discovers Oz in Chicago.


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