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Sookie meets the 10th Doctor. Set after the 4th book, Dead to the World, and the second season of Doctor Who. The Doctor takes Sookie on a trip through time and space to discover the truth about a certain Viking vampire who she might sorta kinda maybe love. Rated M for possible future scenarios. Will warn if a chapter contains anything more than PG.

I don’t own The Doctor, Rose Tyler, Eric, Sookie, Pam, or Aude. They belong to the BBC and Charlaine Harris.

Chapter One: Down the Rabbit Hole
Chapter Two: The Feast of Sigrblot
Chapter Three: Under an Ancient Moon
Chapter Four: Until We Meet Again
Chapter Five: The Wonderfulle Yeare
Chapter Six: I Could Have Danced All Night
Chapter Seven: By Any Other Name
Chapter Eight: Such Sweet Sorrow
Chapter Nine: The Best Laid Plans
Chapter Ten: Once More into the Swirling
Chapter Eleven: And If We Let Go
Chapter Twelve: In the Wake of Loss
Chapter Thirteen: Sail on Silver Girl
Chapter Fourteen: Now Cracks a Noble Heart
Chapter Fifteen: The Secret History of Eric Northman
Chapter Sixteen: Even Time Lords Get the Blues
Chapter Seventeen: Time Goes on Crutches
Chapter Eighteen: Till It Be Morrow
Epilogue: We’re All Mad Here


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