Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Six

Bouncing off satellites

A clipped voice came across the lines. “Speak.”

The voice on the other end responded quickly, “Checking in.”

“I was expecting your call earlier, what caused the delay?” The answering voice thickened with irritation.

“There were some loose ends that needed tending.”

“I see…I presume this will be the last hindrance?”

The replying voice dared not let any of the annoyance that flitted to the surface break through. “Of course. Everything is in order.”

“You are prepared to take the fairy? I do not wish to become entangled, but I will have my reward, as you will have yours. I want the Northman completely under my thumb, I tire of patience.”

“You haven’t much longer to wait. She will be easy to subdue and malleable once she knows he will meet the true death without her cooperation.”

“You are sure of this?” The accent adopted a tingle of giddy delight.

“There is no doubt.” The reply was dry and without emotion. It would not do to show any at this junction. There would be time to enjoy victory afterwards. Once Northman had been broken and she had been subdued.

“Good. You have done well.”

“Of course I have and we will both reap the benefits of this victory.”

“Until tomorrow then.” The line clicked off and the answering voice stood staring up at the heavens. The prize was so close now that it could almost be tasted.



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