Chapter Four

Dearest Sookie,

My lover and confidant~

If you are reading this, Mustapha succeeded in hiding it amongst your things where you might find it someday. Know that I needed nothing back from you, I only wished to express my love one last time.

As I write this I prepare to depart for Oklahoma, but I could not leave these words unsaid. I love you. It began the moment you walked through the door of a bar in Shreveport and only continued as I learned of your strength and kindness. You are the woman I dreamt of even before I knew what I needed: you.

I understand the anger you must have felt that last night you were summoned to Fangtasia. Know that it was not what I would have chosen. I realize you never truly understood the bond between a maker and child, but I could not disobey no matter how much I wanted our lives to be otherwise. There was so much of the world I wanted to show you.

There is much I should have explained to you, but I wished to spare you the pain if I could. In the end, I could not, and I regret that I was not as open as I might have been. But know you are the only wife I ever wanted. It wasn’t only for your protection, I wanted you to stand by my side as my equal.

The events of the months that we spent together are inscribed on my heart and will soothe me in my captivity. There is not much I take with me, but know that the memories I share with you are all I need. I gave an extra hundred years to see you safe. To know that you will live and love and continue to learn; you will marry and bear children who will share your love of the sun; you will grow old and your memory of me will pass like so many sunsets.

I told you once of my human wife Aude, but I never told you that during my amnesia the time I spent in your house reminded me of everything that I lost so very long ago. I cannot change who I am, there are too many who depend upon me, but if there were a way I would gladly give you all that you desired. I would give you the children you long for. I would stand by your side as we watched them grow. We would give them a life filled with joy. I would watch as they grew to embody everything that I found so stunning in you. But these are only words whispered into the evening and blown on the wind; a kiss to say goodbye my dearest love.

There are plans being set in motion and know that if I succeed I will do everything in my power to protect you. You will never suffer another vampire using you for their own ends. Know that even if I do not, I will die with your name on my lips. Know that I will take as many of them with me as possible. It is the only way I know to truly ensure your safety. You will have your freedom, as I will have mine.

Forever yours,




9 thoughts on “Chapter Four

  1. Now why couldn’t CH have done something as simple as that? That was beautifully written & so completely in keeping with the canon character – I’ve got chills! Outstanding!


    • That was one of the things I tried really hard to do with this story: stay in canon and explain the plot holes and out of character actions that were all through DEA. I tried to fill in the blanks since there was so little of Eric actually in the novel, but major shite went down with his character.

      I have to say (as a sidenote) that I was at class today and I kept getting updates from your comments and such. It made me smile hugely!

      I will warn you that this story gets really dark…just so’s you know. I felt that it needed to happen that way, but thought I’d give you the heads up!


      PS. I’m loving your comments! It’s so interesting to get little nuggets of thoughts from you.


  2. Poor Eric. plans is what should have happened. Does anyone REALLY buy that Creepy Felipe is going to leave Sookie alone? This is one of the main reasons I feel he didn’t help stop the slavery of Eric to Freyda. And even if you take FdC out of the picture, WAYYYYY too many know about Sookie esp. after Rhodes. What’s to truly stop some other state from grabbing her? Or an outside vamp from making her a sippy cup (or Hunter for that matter or however many puppies she has with Sam?) Karin’s watching is only one year. An outside pack of werewolves or gaggle of vampires could easily swoop in and grab her. Sam wouldn’t be able to stop them.
    Sorry. I’ll get off my soap box now and shut up.


  3. This letter made me cry cuz we all know CH never gave our lovers an appropriate good bye( the scene on Sookie’s porch was so disgusting to read) all because she hated Eric’s character! So bittersweet… will Sookie appreciate his letter ? Will she regret her behaviour ? Will she miss Eric?


    • It’s interesting to me that this story is experiencing a resurgence of interest. I got a comment the other that made me reread this letter. Sigh.

      Eric & Sookie. They got so screwed.

      The sequel to this story is up next in the batting order of stories, so I’ll be rereading it to flesh out the ideas. 🙂


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