Chapter Eleven


I headed home after I left Sam’s. It hurt that he didn’t support me, but I wasn’t surprised. He only wanted what he thought was best for me. That was the problem though, it was what he thought was best. I didn’t want a father. I wanted a partner and lover, not a man who would disapprove of me.

I put my relationship issues on hold while I scrolled through the contacts on my phone. I found Pam’s number and pressed send. I really needed to talk to her, but there was no answer, and I left a vague message. I just hoped she would actually listen to it.


I was sitting on Eric’s throne, I still couldn’t think of it as mine, when the phone rang. Glancing at the screen, I saw “Eric’s Fairy” illuminated there and laughed, the sound coming out harsh and bitter. I debated answering and ripping her a new asshole for a split second before rejecting the call. I had no desire to talk to the woman who’d broken his heart. She hadn’t been willing to fight for him and I held it against her. I didn’t care that he didn’t. After everything he’d done for her I’d expected more. She’d always seemed fierce, but evidently, I’d been wrong. Fool me once and all that jazz. If it was important, she could just go ask her new boyfriend to help her. She’d find no allies here.

Sookie left a message and I dialed my voicemail, listening to her message. If nothing else she’d be good for a laugh. There was no shock when I heard her ask for my help. So poor little fairy girl was calling the big bad vampire when things went wrong. Otherwise, we weren’t good enough for her. I didn’t bother to return her call, instead sending her a snarky text in return.


I received a response from Pam shortly afterwards.

“Maybe Spike or Angel can help you or maybe your shifter can sniff out a solution.”

Crap. It wasn’t my day. I never expected help from Sam, but without spelling things out for Pam, I’d never get any help from her either. I didn’t want to say anything obvious, figuring Freyda and Felipe had ways of watching any communication that went between me and any of Eric’s allies, so I’d have to be covert, not my strong suit.

While I thought of what to write in response I decided a Buffy marathon might be just what the doctor ordered. I remembered how much amnesia Eric had enjoyed them. I began looking through my videos to figure out which episode to watch. I wasn’t in the mood for a broody Angel episode so I avoided anything of those. Spike was more up my alley tonight. I’d always liked that while Angel had been cursed with a soul, Spike actively sought his out. Thinking of it gave me the perfect return message to Pam.


My phone vibrated again and I knew it must be Sookie. I swiped my screen to read her message.

“Think I’ll start with the one where Buffy rescues Spike from The First. But could use some help planning what episode to watch after.”

I had no idea what The First was, but I was intrigued by her message anyway. Could it be that the little princess had decided to do something to help Eric? Alright, she had my attention. It wouldn’t amount to much if she it had nothing to do with him, but I’d wanted to do something to help him and Sookie had proven useful in the past.

I rose slowly and walked into the office, grabbing my coat and keys, and responded to Sookie along the way.


“You know I never can resist the bumpy forehead crowd. See you in an hour or so.”

Thank God, she was on her way. She’d at least give me a chance to convince her. Seeing that I had an hour to kill, I figured I’d watch that Buffy episode after all. I started to pull the video off the shelf, but as I was, I noticed something sticking out from between a couple of tapes. When I’d finished pulling my intended tape off the shelf, the rest of them shifted and a white envelope fluttered to the floor. I froze and stared at it, stark against the hard wood flooring. My name was written in a clean, crisp, elegant script. Eric’s handwriting. I’d know it anywhere. I finally picked it up and straightened it, clutching it in my hand as if it could bring him back to me just by wishing. I hesitated, unsure if I wanted to read it. I had no idea when it had been written, but I feared what it might contain.

My hands shook as I made the choice. I slipped my finger under the seal, releasing the letter. The envelope fell from my hands and I backed up onto the couch to sit. Unfolding it, I began to read. What was written there broke my heart.

My Dearest Sookie…

An hour later, when Pam arrived, I was in the same position on the couch, tears rushing down my cheeks. I heard the knock on the door and was only vaguely aware of giving Pam permission to enter.

“Alright Sookie, you got me here. This better be good.” I looked up and what was good was the fact that she was standing in my house. I hadn’t realized how much I missed her. I’d even missed her snarky sarcasm. I’d have hugged her if I didn’t think she’d drain me and enjoy it.

Before I answered, I popped in the Buffy video and pressed play. I had no idea who might be listening. “He has a plan,” I said to her as she took off her coat and crossed the room. Her heels clicked a staccato across the floor.

“What are you talking about?” The confused question left floating in the air as I tried to gather myself.

I was finally able to pull myself together while she sat in stunned silence. “Eric. He has some kind of plan. Did you know?” The shock on her face told me that she hadn’t.

“He was very adamant that I do nothing. I was ready to fight for him, ready to lay everything on the line, but he wouldn’t allow it. I hid the letter for him, but had no idea what it contained. You weren’t supposed to find it, but I couldn’t help pointing you in the right direction. Is that why you called me?” She asked looking for confirmation.

“You were the one who hid the letter?” She nodded her head. “Thank you, it means a lot to me, but no, that’s not why I called. I decided today that I wanted to try and save Eric. I called because I need your help. I’m not big in the planning department, but you are. I need your help to bring him back here. He doesn’t deserve this. I want to kill Freyda and Felipe.”

“Well aren’t you just the enterprising girl. And how, exactly, do you intend to do this?” I could tell that she found me entertaining, but she was listening.

“Well, that’s why you’re here. I have no idea how to make it happen. All I’m sure of is that I will probably end with me getting beaten up.”

Pam snickered. “How it will probably end is with both of our deaths, but you know that, don’t you.”

I nodded. “Yes, I’m well aware that this is nothing like we’ve ever faced before. But he’s more than worth it. I wasted far too much time, thinking of Eric as only the selfish vampire who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. What I ignored was that he was usually doing it to protect all of us. I can’t let Freyda win, and I’m fairly certain that you can’t either. So use me. Use my ability and somehow we’ll figure out a way to bring our Viking back to us, even if we’re not here to see it.”

“He won’t like it. He gave up much to keep all of us safe.” Pam’s skepticism wasn’t anything more than a disclaimer. She knew it and so did I.

“Yes, that’s certainly true. If we succeed, he can spend the next fifty years being angry with us, from the comfort of Fangtasia. If we don’t, it won’t matter.” I knew this was the right thing to do, and I wouldn’t back down. Even if she refused to help I would go it alone, although the odds were hardly in my favor. “He’s planning on taking out as many of them as possible, we just have to figure out how to help him.”

“Well thank fucking God. It’s good to have you back Sookie. I’d thought you’d buried your bravery along with your brains. Turns out, I might have an idea of when his plan’s going down. It seems that Freyda is throwing a Halloween party. If he’s trying to take as many people down as possible, a party seems the perfect place to do that, does it not?” Pam’s cold smile sent shivers throughout every nerve in my body.

“Why yes, yes it does.” I began to hope that we might just be able to accomplish this.

“Well then. Looks like we have a long night of planning ahead of us.”

“Good thing I have True Blood in the house.” I still kept some since Karin was guarding me every night. I stood and walked out to the kitchen to heat up a bottle.

“Glad to see you haven’t forgotten to be a good southern girl.” She laughed, and I was warmed by the sound.

“Yes, but this good southern girl is finally ready to admit she just might be as bloodthirsty as any vampire when it comes to the people she loves.”



4 thoughts on “Chapter Eleven

  1. I also loved how Spike actively sought a soul. It’s one reason I loved when he and Buffy got together. Anyway, I’m so glad she got and read the letter. And, as Pam says, it’s good to have Sookie back. 🙂

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