Fanfiction Stories

Here is where you’ll find my stories based on other people’s characters. There are a few to choose from depending on your mood.

Dead on Arrival Banner copyDead on Arrival
— based on the Sookie Stackhouse Vampire Mysteries set after the last book, Dead Ever After. — Complete — rated M

Much Ado About Vampires — Set in an alternate version of America where the vampires and the fae have joined together to run the country, Sookie Stackhouse is sent on an undercover mission by her great-grandfather Niall to infiltrate the Fae Court based in Bon Temps, LA. Sookie walks a dangerous path with only her wits and her heart to guide her. Along the way she meets Eric Northman, Sheriff of Area Five, who is also frustrating, high-handed, and gorgeous. Can two societies so at odds with the modern day be changed by an ex-waitress turned fairy princess? — Non Canon/WIP — rated M

At Least We’ll Always Have Buffy — It’s Eric’s birthday, but Sookie wonders what one gets a thousand year old Viking Vampire Badass. Written because it was Askars birthday and I felt like it. Set after Dead to the World — One Shot — rated PG (ish)

Doctor Who/Sookieverse
Wonderland Banner copyWonderland
 — based on Doctor Who and Sookie Stackhouse, set after the 4th book, Dead to the Worldand the second season of Doctor Who right after The Doctor loses Rose. — Complete — rated M

Kittyinaz ROCKS

We’re All Stories in the End — 3rd place winner in Kittyinaz’s Fairytale contest. It’s an outtake from Wonderland set in the world of Erin Morgenstern’s Night Circus. (which you should read if you haven’t.) — One Shot — rated PG





Arrow BannerPride & Prejudice & Vigilantes — Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak star as the Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet for the 21st century. Quentin Lance and Donna Smoak have their hands full with four daughters and one wayward son. When Felicity Smoak, bartender and IT genius, meets Oliver Queen the night of the Starling City’s Bartender’s Ball, her life changes forever. But will she ever get past his arrogance and conceit? Can he ever look past her lower class upbringing and pretty face? — WIP — rated M

Arrow One-Shots — Dribbles, drabbles, and fluffy one-shots. — rated PG

Random stories that have no proper category:

The Genius, the Madman, and the Poet — This is a little story I wrote for my favorite Professor for my Shakespeare class. We had to show understanding of a Shakespeare sonnet, I chose to use three (sonnets 18, 73, & 6.) It came from a random thought I had on whether it would be possible to have an entire conversation using a Shakespearean sonnet. I added Shakespeare (18), Sherlock (73), and The Doctor (6), for funsies.

Most characters don’t belong to me (you can credit the Charlaine Harris,the BBC, CW, & DC Comics) but the stories themselves do, so you know, don’t steal my ideas because that’s just lame.

Otherwise enjoy my meandering brain ramblings.


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