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Hey folks!

Just here to give y’all an update. I haven’t gone into hiding, nor have I forgotten about you guys or my stories. My brain just went a little sideways and decided it needed to obsess over something else for a little while, namely my unadulterated love of television. (I think it wanted a break to write something other than fiction.) The plan is to have new chapters for you next week (Happy Labor Day BTW) of both Much Ado About Vampires and Pride & Prejudice & Vigilantes.

I will say that I wrote a new Arrow One-Shot that’s up, if you’re looking for a story to tide you over. She’s Got a Way — Thea decides to throw a ball at the Queen Mansion. Olicity fluffy goodness. Based on the Billy Joel song She’s Got a Way.

But back to the topic at hand. (or fingertip if you prefer) Some of you might have guessed that I have a fierce abiding love of great television. I spend far too much time considering characters, plots, and theorizing on where any given show is headed. I love it. It feeds my soul a diet of twists and turns and heartbreaking revelations. I don’t have school any more for this outlet so I thought, “I don’t need no stinking assignments to finagle to include whatever show I’m obsessing over this week. Nope! I can do it all on my own!”

So I created a new website: Fanatical Addict. I spent the last couple weeks bingeing and writing about Dexter, as well as putting up a bunch of my essays, blog posts, and metas about Arrow, Sons of Anarchy, Battlestar Galactica, etc. I wrote three reviews of Dexter while I was watching it, so those are up as well. I plan on writing weekly reviews about the shows I’m watching this season, as well as metas whenever the mood strikes me.

Wanna know how I grew up to be such a nerd and why I started Fanatical Addict? Guardian of Voracious Viewers

Fascinated by a certain serial killer? My Messy Monster, Trinity Friends, Blood Never Lies
Like Greek Gods and Battlestar Galactica? Good Hunting
Like Shakespeare and Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Buffy & Faith
Sons of Anarchy? Metas & Reviews
Guardians of the Galaxy? Arrow?
Simply looking for a new show: TV Recommendations

This doesn’t mean any of my stories are on hiatus, the exact opposite in fact, I’ll be fresher when I update now. My brain loves options. And if I had my way, I’d get paid to write about television, but since I’m just me, you guys get my opinions and observations for free. Fair warning, though, these posts are not spoiler free in any way shape or form. Just so’s you know.

There’s something for everyone. Give it a try. Start a conversation. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and in general, I love talking about TV. I just do. I live in a town where people are more likely to watch the Kardashians than Dexter. So give me somebody to talk to, my brain will thank you for it. 😉

Mad Lovely,
Secret Nerd Princess

PS Feel free to share anything you find there. I like the idea of my thoughts being out there in the universe. And it’s a new site, so it could use your help! 🙂 Thanks in advance.


4 thoughts on “Fanatical Addict

  1. This new blog sounds great!
    I really love Dexter ( the ending was so awful though!) and Buffy.
    Have you ever watched Hemlock Grove or Hannibal?
    What about AHS or Vikings?
    I would love to leave comments about what will happen on a certain show or what we viewers would want to happen.
    I’ll start reading some Dexters stories ASAP.
    Have a wonderful long weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Re: Dexter ending. It totally was. I actually just wrote a post where I figure out a way to like the last episode cuz I loved the series so much.

      Out of those I’ve only seen Vikings and I’m completely obsessed with that show. Hannibal is on the list now that it’s finished though!

      Have a great weekend!


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