At Arm’s Length

The humidity is gone just in time for me to start my work week! WHOO HOO!!! Just kidding. But at least our kitchen won’t be hotter than the all the levels of hell put together tonight.

The sun is shining and I got this chapter of Pride & Prejudice & Vigilantes (in case you haven’t started this story yet) back from my sister just in time to get it out before I have to get ready for work. (Man, I really wish I were independently wealthy. I’d eat sushi everyday and do nothing but write stories for all of you.)

You know what’ll be great though? Getting reviews and comments for this chapter while I’m waiting on customers. It always makes me happy to remember that serving isn’t my life. Soon I have to start worrying about grad school applications, but until then I’m going to enjoy the last bits of summer that remain. And while doing that I’m going to swoon over Oliver & Felicity.

Once again: My sister is the best beta ever.
So here ya go y’all! Enjoy!

Chapter Five

Mad Lovely,
Secret Nerd Princess


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