All the Time in the World

Hey folkses! I hope this post finds you well and happy. And if not, I hope the update for Pride & Prejudice & Vigilantes helps bring a bit of joyful sunshine into your life.

Been working on updating the website, it’s been a long time coming, but time wasn’t on my side for a while there. Now it is. And I love any chance to play with Adobe Photoshop. Speaking of: I might just create a banner specific to this story after I send this post out into the world.

So I’ve got the second chapter of PPV for y’all and then I’ll continue working on the second chapter of Much Ado About Vampires. I’m very much enjoying having two stories, two very different stories, to work on at the same time. It makes me happy and keeps me busy, which I enjoy. Having too much time on my hands means I should do laundry or some such banal task. I’d much rather be writing stories. But then again, I’d pretty much never leave the house and do nothing but write if I had my way. And if I were independently wealthy. But since that isn’t really an option, I will simply enjoy the time I find to write and suck it up when I have to do things like work.

A note on chapter two of PPV: I am not a tech genius, unlike Felicity Smoak. I used what little tech knowledge I do have, but tried not to get too specific. LOL. If you are a techie genius, please forgive me if it’s not as technically specific as it might have been. And, you know, suggest a website I might use for research. 🙂

Without any further babbling on my part, I may not share Felicity’s tech genius, but I most certainly share her ability to babble, I give you Chapter Two of Pride & Prejudice & Vigilantes.

Have a lovely day/night, whatever it is wherever you are.


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