Better Late Than Never?

Dear Diary,

It’s me again. Sigh. Do you ever have one of those weeks when the universe can just go eat a big bag of–

OH! WHOOPS! Hi there folks. I didn’t see you there. How ya doin?

So this chapter took a little longer than I thought originally. We wrestled for a bit, but then, in the end, the story had her way. She always does. Well, most of the time anyway. Remember when I stopped her from starting the apocalypse? Good times. Remember when she made me save that side story for another time? Yay. I do too. So when I finish the main story, we’ve only a few chapters left, there will be Choose Your Own Adventure style alternate endings and outtakes. There are a few cooking in my brain right now, they should be a lot of fun. They exist since sometimes my brain goes sideways and gets distracted–Oh LOOK! SHINY!

What’s truly shiny? The new chapter of Wonderland, released for your reading pleasure. No evil cliffies this time. 🙂

Without further Ado: Time Goes on Crutches


Mad Lovely,
Secret Nerd Princess

PS: Remember when my Eric from Wonderland was nominated for the Best Viking in the New Blood Awards? Remember when Eric was my favorite character to write, and it is an honor that somebody out there likes my Eric best? Do youThen you should go vote here and then click on the banner to go vote! Voting closes on 6/20 at noon EST.


2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never?

  1. I voted for you the first day the contest was open..keeping my fingers crossed (and my knees, but that can be dangerous since it leads people to believe I need a bathroom)..and my eyes of course. Although that is not a good look for anyone.


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