Did anyone else just notice it was June?

I mean, seriously. How is it June already? Lord have mercy on my soul, but time moves quickly. So, instead of weed-wacking the backyard like I meant to–it’s gonna be so much nicer out tomorrow–I finished the next chapter of Wonderland later than I intended, but sooner than I thought it was actually going to be ready. We’re getting more into the story of The Doctor and Rose, oh those two crazy kids.

I wanted to remind all the Doctor Who fans out there that this takes place after season two and before three. So, yes. I’m ignoring the ending with Faux Doctor in season four. I never stopped believing that The Doctor would go after Rose. But then we got Donna, so that was awesome. Oh Donna. I loved her.

For any non Doctor Who fans who might want to see the scenes that I’ve referred to between The Doctor and Rose, there are two. (Or for any of you Doctor Who fans who’d like to be stabbed in the heart again.)

I will warn for non Doctor Who fans that these two videos spoil huge events in the arc of The Doctor & Rose. Just so you know before you push play. These are also two of the scenes I point to when shippers complain that it’s taking too long for their couples to get together. Harrumph. In my day…

Side note: Remember when the X-Files was coming back to my television screen?!?!?

It’s been a good week. It’ll be a better one when the sun breaks through the clouds tomorrow. Until that happens, you should check out the next chapter of Wonderland: Even Time Lords Get the Blues

Mad lovely,
Secret Nerd Princess

PS. I should mention, we’re getting close to the end of the story here, a few more chapters to go, but I’ve decided to do sort of a Choose Your Own Adventure set of outtakes and alternate endings. Places this story could have gone, if you will. New ideas have been pelting me with their eureka moments. Stay tuned…


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