Of Time and Words and Smiling.

I am smiling so widely right now, I might break my face. You guys are fantastic! the-hybrid-awards-3rd-place-wonderland-by-secret-nerd-princessYou voted and Wonderland came in third to two amazing stories: Playing God written by Kjwrit & Put Your Feet Up to the Edge written by Kittyinaz. I’m so freaking ecstatic to have Wonderland listed with these stories and writers. Congrats to all the winners since there were so many awesome stories up for voting. (Psst…you should check them out when you get a chance.) Check out all the stories!

This is also to say, unfortunately, that the next chapter of Wonderland isn’t ready yet. Sookie and the Doctor started asking me questions I wasn’t prepared to answer. But I’m slowly unraveling them. I promise though, it’s coming soon. 🙂

But, I do have a present for y’all. I’ve been trying to finish this quick Arrow one-shot that came from a prompt over in Tumblrland, and today it finally clicked for me. The prompt: “Felicity/Thea friendship, girls’ night at the loft.” It’s a little different for me since it’s quite lighthearted, and there isn’t a bit of trauma or turmoil to be found anywhere. It’s just a fun little one shot. But I loved writing it simply because I loved the thought of a Thea/Felicity friendship. Who knows, this might turn into a series of one-shots down the road. I like the idea of continuing their adventures together.

Check it out!

Popcorn and Chocolate and Curious George Pajamas

But speaking of adventures, I’ve got to get back to Sookie and The Doctor. They’re starting to ramble in my ear again and they don’t do well when they’re ignored.

And sinceriously, again, thank you to everyone who went out and voted for Wonderland. I’m so freaking happy I’d do a little dance if the Doctor and Sookie weren’t commanding me to write. Okay, back to it friends. I’ll talk to you soon!

Mad lovely,
Secret Nerd Princess

PS…Have a dino!

Warwick Castle Dinos


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