And she comes up gasping for air…

Would it soothe the lengthy absence of any updates if I told you I finally graduated? And that my free time just multiplied exponentially? Because both of these sentences speak the truth.


This last year kicked my ass in ways I can’t even begin to fully explain. Working and attending school, both full time, tends to wear a person down to the nubs of a #2 pencil. As evidenced by the clutter in my living room, my life might be described as hectic.

All of this is my way not only of apologizing profusely for my protracted absence, but also to state unequivocally that I’M BACK!

First up: Wonderland.

My Doctor Who/Sookie Stackhouse crossover that started off as just a fun little idea got nominated for the Best Hybrid Award for the You Want Blood Awards! Voting opens May 15th! You should vote for it! (Maybe I’ll send out a little reminder with a chapter update hmmm? Sound fair?)


The ending waits to be written, I suspect about four chapters remain. But I need a reread to get The Doctor, Sookie, and Eric’s voices back in my brain. I’ve been thinking too much about Shakespeare. Once I start updating again, it’ll happen on the regular though, so no worries that I’ll disappear on y’all again. Besides, my sister would likely strangle me. So if you found yourself concerned that I lacked a physical person harassing me to write (I KID! I KID! I love my sister and her cheerleading keeps me going!) FEAR NOT! My sister is a thousand voices crying out in the night.

And then the story that’s been waiting in limbo even longer than Wonderland, seriously people waiting for that story deserve a sainthood, the sequel to Dead on Arrival. Yes, the story is still floating around in my brain. I can’t just leave Pam kidnapped forever! And I’m excited to get back ass-kicking Sookie.

I’ve also started writing in the Arrowverse and those stories just trickle out from time to time, but a potentially interesting idea popped into my head about a longer Olicity story maybe down the pipeline. (I’ve actually added a few here if you’re so inclined.) I need to let it ramble about in my brain pan for a bit.

Mostly I’m glad to be back. I’ve missed writing for funsies! I mean I succeeded pretty well in making my education awesome and not boring, but this is different.

Thank you all for your patience, I missed you so very much. And I leave you with a parting gift. This project came out of my Fairytale Class this semester and my love of Don Pedro from Much Ado About Nothing. There are dinosaurs.

And if you like the dinosaurs or Shakespeare or metas on television shows you could also wander over to the website I built for my web design class.

M’kay! Talk to you all again soon!


9 thoughts on “And she comes up gasping for air…

  1. I was going to gift you with a really bad case of ear-worm in the guise of posting a celebratory youtube vid here, but since I actually like you, I won’t.
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!! Take you a bit of a break and enjoy the fact that YOU DID IT!!!, then come back and start pelting me, erm, your readers w/ DOA2! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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