Leaving the Romanovs

Hey ALL!

Woulda had this out to you sooner, but Sookie had a surprise trip she wanted to make that I was unaware of! Love when my characters surprise me like that!!!

Warning: Next week I’m on vacation. I’m going back home to Michigan for my best friend’s freaking housewarming! He and his wife built a freaking house with a little help from their friends! So awesome. I’m gonna try and get a chapter out to you, but I can’t guarantee since there will be beachtime involved and probably some scrabble as well, though you all mean the world to me, so there’s a possibility it might happen!

Also: really sorry I didn’t get a chance to get back to you all who commented. Was working crazy hours to get ready for said vacation. So so so so so so sorry! To make up for it, here is a picture of my favorite new pair of shoes.

Dancing Shoes
Anywho…ENJOY! Sail on Silver Girl or if you haven’t started this story yet, you should go to Wonderland

Mad lovely,
Secret Nerd Princess.


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