I can’t begin to express

How wonderful it is to be back with you all! And GUESS WHAT??? I have a new chapter for you! It might just be my favorite chapter yet. I feel like I’m back with my old friends and snuggling in for a long night of movies and popcorn. Like it’s storytime and I’m ten again. Of course when I was ten I went to a sleepover where the parents let us watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but I promise this chapter is NOT THAT.

So come on in, there’s room in the living room for everyone. Grab a bowl and pop yourself some popcorn. I prefer mine with loads of butter, evenly distributed throughout the entire bag.

Furthermore, I really hope you are enjoying your summer. Ours is a bit cool, I haven’t had near enough Island Oasis time. Which looks like this if you’re wondering: Island Oasis

Without further ado (or Much Ado, preferably Joss Whedon’s version) I give you the next chapter of WonderlandAnd If We Let Go

Mad Lovely,
Secret Nerd Princess


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