Schooly Things

Hey folkses!

I hope life finds you well on this beautiful Monday! So I’ve got a new short story up if y’all would like to peruse! (The newest chapter of Wonderland should be up later this week, by the by.) Botanophobia — which means the fear of plants. Yes, I really am actually scared of plants and that helped inspire the piece.

I will say, poor writing class since I can’t seem to write anything under 2500 words anymore. (not that that’s a bad thing in general, just that it’s longer than what most of my classmates are writing–whoops!)

Anywhoo…I hope you enjoy. It’s based off of a real night that happened to me and a friend of mine a long time ago. It definitely veers off into the fictional though. It was one of the creepiest places ever.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled daytime activities.

Mad lovely
Secret Nerd Princess


2 thoughts on “Schooly Things

    • Trust me, it’s absolutely ridiculous and stems from the fact that i ate plant food as a child and now I’m so very sure that all plants are trying to eat me. i can feel them sucking my energy to keep as their own!


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