Hey all! How ya doing out there in internets land?

First, for anyone who might have gotten excited that this was the next chapter of Wonderland, I apologize, well kinda, it’s not.

What it is…the next chapter in my original story (working title Booth’s–which I hate but haven’t come up with a better title yet)

It’s urban fantasy (cuz that’s how I roll yo) and follows the story of Kira and Drake. Good thing though: It was written for my nature class, so it stands alone. If you’ve already read the first chapter of Booth’s you’ll notice that a few things are repeated, cuz you know, it had to stand alone.

I’d love some feedback on it if y’all would be kind enough to oblige. If so…YOU’RE THE BESTEST! If not, it’s cool, I totally get it! But it would be super duper awesome if y’all would look over it. Thanks in advance!

Go here now (iffin you want to of course) : Chapter Two

Mad Lovely
Secret Nerd Princess

PS. Random sidenote: Is anyone else completely in love with Sons of Anarchy? Cuz I totally am! That is all. I now return you to your regularly scheduled evening!


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