Such Sweet Sorrow

Hey Folkses! Sorry this chapter took a bit longer to get out than I would’ve liked. Seems that fall is in high gear and school plus work equal crazypants!

Much love goes out to the best Beta ever Realjena (the sound of a multitude of clapping hands echoes throughout the world!)

We get a small snippet of present day Eric again and then back to Scotland!

As per usual: Thanks for reading and enjoy! So without further ado (or mad rants about how awesome the season finale of The Newsroom was…le sigh, I’m such a sap) I present to you the next chapter of Wonderland: Such Sweet Sorrow.

Mad Lovely
Secret Nerd Princess

PS Since I haven’t mentioned it in awhile…I don’t own Doctor Who, Eric Northman, or Sookie Stackhouse. The rest of the characters and the plot are all mine though!


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