I Could Have Danced All Night

Hi Folkses! I hope your labor day is going well. As one of my favorite profs would say: Kiss a teamster.

New chapter up for Wonderland: I Could Have Danced All Night.

A note about this chapter. Mac’s backstory is based on real history, albeit told from the MacGregor’s point of view, but if you’d like more info do a search for the Battle of Glen Fruin or click this link: http://www.scotwars.com/battle_of_glenfruin.htm. Much of the basis is taken from history, the story that Mac tells is indeed based on the history, but it deviates after Sookie starts using her telepathy. I found it incredibly interesting that the Clan MacGregor really did beat the Clan Colquhoun even though they were heavily outnumbered. I reasoned, in my fictional brain, that that meant that the Clan MacGregor contained vampires. Just in case you might not know, the Clan MacGregor did not have vampires in it. They really did just beat a much larger force. So cool. You might notice that I have a tiny obsession with Scotland. Someday soon, god willing and the crick don’t rise, as well as diploma in hand, I will have a chance to visit.

Also I will say, without giving too much away, that what Sookie recalls that she had learned about King James is true, he was very anti-witch.

All in all, I love dipping my toes in the history pool, so I hope you enjoy, even if things go a little sideways for our heroine.

Mad Lovely,
Secret Nerd Princess


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