The Wonderfulle Yeare

Hey Folkses!

New chapter up for Wonderland y’all! The Wonderfulle Yeare.

So, we’re leaving Sweden and heading to medieval Scotland, yippee! Couple of things…The title of this chapter is a reference to England in 1603, just a tidbit of information for ya. (even though we’re hanging in Scotland-a great freaking year IMO-not that we’ll be hanging out there for a year…alas-just a shit ton of literature produced that year-although a crap ton of bad shit happened that year too, but the reference is from literature–dude. just go with it) Also I can’t write in dialects, still working on that, so I didn’t want to make it all wonky, but I think you’ll forgive me since there’s a nice little Eric present in here for you all (inspired by a late night conversation with Meridiean.) Mac, who we meet later in the chapter, is one of Eric’s allies from my other story Dead on Arrival (you know, the one that ends the Sookie series how it should have ended–once again, IMO.) We’re going to get a bit of his backstory in the next couple chapters. He’s based on a real person even if he is my own special made up character, by the by, but he wasn’t a vampire in real life, in case you were wondering.

As per the usual…I hope you enjoy reading it since I had a lot of fun writing it.

Mad Lovely,
Secret Nerd Princess


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