At Least We’ll Always Have Buffy

Hey folkses! So, you know, it’s the birthday of the man who brought our favorite Viking Vampire to life (Happy birthday Askars), and I came up with this idea for a one-shot. (No…sorry Meridiean, it’s not the sequel–I’m working on it! Cross my heart!)

But…it’s super fun and not angsty in the least little bit. Also, I was feeling romantic again. Hey! What! You got something to say out there in internet land? Hmmm? No? I didn’t think so. But if you do, cases of Starbucks Double Shots are always appreciated.

Just because I love you I want you to enjoy! The Princess commands it.

At Least We’ll Always Have Buffy:
In a thousand years Eric Northman has never celebrated a birthday. His best friend Sookie is about to change all that and give him the gift of a vampire’s lifetime. She might just get her own dearest wish as well. Rated M for some language. I don’t own these characters, Charlaine Harris does. One shot.

Set after Dead to the World, but influenced by one of the short stories as well. You’ll figure it out, don’t worry. (and if you don’t know, comment I’ll be happy to tell you!) Also, as per the usual, I don’t own Sookie or Eric or Pam. Or Buffy (though she doesn’t appear, there are mentions.) You have to thank Charlaine Harris or Joss Whedon.

Mad Lovely,
Secret Nerd Princess


5 thoughts on “At Least We’ll Always Have Buffy

  1. Every Thursday for the past *4* years…and no sex between them yet??? Oh, wait, this IS fiction, after all, since no one could hold out 4 months, much less 4 years…*smirk*

    Vlad? She got him VLAD?? Awesome!!!

    What a great sequ…one-shot – I love it!!!!


  2. Lol. Dude. I couldn’t hold out for four minutes, what are you talking about! I was just thinking about how much I loved their friendship. And then I was thinking about our Viking and what I would get him for his birthday. Sookie is like the best best/girl/friend EVER!


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