Under an Ancient Moon

So I’m feeling like I’m back after the finale fiasco last Sunday, but I still needed some romance. Yes y’all, it’s true. I’m a sucker for romance, this comes as a surprise to no one. Le Sigh. See also: Lemons.
So here’s the newest chapter in my Doctor Who/Sookie Stackhouse crossover story WonderlandUnder an Ancient Moon
Enjoy! I’m gonna go make dinner at 12:37 in the morning, cuz I’m cool like that.

On a side note: I thought about writing an entire rant about what was wrong with the episode (where to even begin…) but instead I gave Sookie and Eric a happy little chapter off by themselves.

BUT: If you’d like some awesome snark about the finale go here:
Or here:
Or here:

Warning: Rampant four letter words, which in my opinion, is only fitting.


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