The Feast of Sigrblot

Hey all! I’ve got a new chapter entitled The Feast of Sigrblot out for my crossover story WonderlandIt took me a little longer to write since I was raging over the stupid season six finale of True Blood, but I’m over it now and back in my happy place.

Once again this is a time travel romantic crossover between Doctor Who and The Sookie Stackhouse Vampire Mysteries and this time we’re heading to ancient Sweden. Here’s hoping this chapter finds you happy and well. A quick note. You will notice two separate spellings for Eric‘s name. The way we know it and then the traditional Swedish spelling: Eiríkr. When Sookie or the Doctor talk to him it will be spelled our way, but when anyone from his time period does it will be written traditionally.

Also, I don’t own either the Doctor, Sookie, or Eric (they belong to the BBC and Charlaine Harris), though with the exception of Eric’s father, who was actually the King of Sweden around the time that Eric would have been there, I made up the rest from my little brain. Some of Eric’s life is based off of what we learned in Dead and Gone, but since there wasn’t much information there I felt free to embellish and add to the story Charlaine outlined.



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