Whosits and Whatnots

I’m a secret nerd princess. Or a tomboy with a pink problem. Or a princess with a climbing problem. I have four cats and one day I’m sure they’re going to rip away their disguises to reveal they’re actually Liliputians.

Pull up a chair, I’ll pour you a virtual cup of coffee. Poke around and explore. Make yourself at home.

Here is the magical world where I take tea with Shakespeare, and dance the electric boogaloo with Doctor Who. This space evolves into the future and discovers the past. There’s also some poetry. I used to be a slam poet after all.

The recognizable fanfiction characters do not belong to me, obviously. Just putting it out there. The original characters and the stories themselves do. So, be cool about that and don’t claim its yours. Awesome? Awesome.

Also: Many of the fanfictions are not kid-friendly. Just saying is all. My stories often take dark turns; there are warnings on certain chapters for a reason. In general, the original stories and the one-shots are pretty pg, though my characters often swear like sailors.

Welcome to the crazy train. Enjoy yourself. As the Doctor Who quote in the banner says, “We’re all stories in the end. Make it a good one.”

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